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The unique elegance of a flattened twisted taper is so striking, and amazingly easy to achieve. I predict you will become addicted to these twisted flat hand dipped taper candles!

What You Will Need Supplies

Freshly Made Hand Dipped Tapers

Waxed Paper

Rolling Pin

For this project, you will need freshly dipped tapers. has instructions for easy to make hand dipped tapers.

Start with tapers which are still warm and malleable. Our instructions for easy hand dipped tapers result in tapers which are double hung (connected by the wick). One of the wonderful things about this project is that you can leave them connected at the wick, if you like.

Take one taper (with the washers already trimmed off) and place it on a sheet of wax paper. Try to do this on a flat smooth surface, such as a linoleum countertop, to keep the finish on your candles smooth.

With your taper resting on a sheet of waxed paper, place your rolling pin gently on top of the candle, at the base end. Apply gentle pressure as you roll the pin toward the tip of the candle. Be aware that the tip of the candle will cool and harden more quickly than the base. Take care at the tip of the candle to apply slow, gentle pressure with the rolling pin, to avoid cracking the tip.

When you reach the tip, roll back toward the base, still applying gentle pressure. You can flatten the base of your candle, or leave it round. The candle in this tutorial has a flattened bottom. You will notice that it still fits in candleholders, and has an exotic appearance.

How thin you flatten your candle is a matter of personal preference. The candle in this tutorial was flattened to just over ? inch thickness.

After you have flattened your taper to the desired thickness, begin twisting it. Twist it slowly and gently. Work your way from one end to the other, with each pass, adding a little more twist to the candle.

Again, remember that the tip of the candle will cool and harden sooner than the base of the candle. Pay attention to the tip of your candle, and get it twisted to the shape you want it before it is too hard to manipulate. Be careful to apply only slow and gentle pressure, to prevent cracking.

Continue to work more twists into your candle, moving up and down the length of the candle, each time adding more twist, until you have the effect you want.

When you have the shape you want, hang your candles up to cool and harden completely. You can see that these hand dipped tapers are still connected at the wick. What a great effect!


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